​​​The Treasurer of Ohio County is responsible for fulfilling requirements set out by KRS 68.210, 68.020, 68.300, 68.360 and the uniform System of Accounts for Kentucky Counties. The County Treasurer’s department administers the financial affairs of the Fiscal Court. The department is responsible for budget compliance, reporting financial information, processing of all financial transactions, investment policy and providing analytical data to the Fiscal Court with recommendations regarding financial decisions.

The department has two employees: County Treasurer and Office Clerk.

Ohio County Treasurer
Anne Melton
(270) 298-4493 - Phone
(270) 298-4491 - Fax
Email: Contact County Treasurer​

Treasurer's Assistant
Patti Beatty
(270) 298-4490 - Phone
(270) 298-4491 - Fax
Email: Contact Treasurer's Clerk​


2016 2017 All Funds Budget

2017 2018 All Funds Budget

2018 2019 All Funds Budget

2019-2020 All Funds Budget

2020 2021 All Funds Budget

2021-2022 All Fund Budget

2022-2023 Ohio Co Fiscal Court Budget

2023-2024 Ohio Co Fiscal Court Budget

​​2024-2025 Ohio County Fiscal Court Budget.pdf

Kentucky State Auditor

The Kentucky State Auditor is an independent and impartial elected-office charged with auditing the accounts and financial transactions of all spending agencies of the Commonwealth. Visit their website at


Ohio County Treasurer
Anne Melton
130 E Washington St.
Suite 215
Hartford, KY 42347


Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.