"The Home of Bluegrass"

Ohio County is 35th in order of formation and was created December 17, 1798. The first county court was organized in 1799. The county was originally a part of Hardin County and was named for the Ohio River. Several adjacent counties were formed from Ohio County. Ohio County is Kentucky's fifth largest county, in area, with 596 square miles. Our current population is approximately 23,481. We have approximately 418 miles of state maintained highways and approximately 600 miles of county roads. Ohio County is governed by the Fiscal Court consisting of five (5) Magistrates and the County Judge Executive, who is the presiding officer of the Fiscal Court. Terms of these elected county officials are for four (4) years.

The Fiscal Court must appropriate county funds for various purposes required by law. The Fiscal Court is also required to provide for the construction, operation and maintenance of county buildings, roads and other property and for the incarceration of persons arrested in the county. There are many other laws which delegate certain powers or assign duties to the Fiscal Court.