County Clerks

In December of 1798, purusant to an act of assembly at Frankfort, a new county was erected from the county of Hardin, to be called Ohio. A panel of trustees was appointed by his Excellency, James Garrard, Governor of Kentucky.
Therefore, a commission from the Governor, bearing date at Frankfort, the 22nd day of December in the year 1798, appointing officers for the new county. These were made official at the first held court in Ohio County in July of 1799, this being the offical year of the establishment of Ohio County.
In the early years County and Fiscal Court were held jointly. A list of County Court Clerks follows. Dates are election dates. Officers too charge the following January.

2006-Current Bess T. Ralph
1993 Lessie R. Johnson - Re-elected with no opposition in 1998 and 2002.
1985 Robert Magan - Re-elected in 1989
1981 Cecil Barnard
1957 Mary Ranney (Later Mary Roberts) - Served until her death on 2 of December 1980. Her brother Cecil Barnard was appointed to finish her term.
1953 William Ranney - Died 2 on May 1955. His wife, Mary, was appointed to finish his unexpired term.
1945 Martin Tichenor - Re-elected in 1949
1941 Cecil P. Taylor
1937 Clifton C. Black
1929 Dauphin Hunter - Re-elected in 1933
1921 Guy Ranney - Re-elected in 1925
1913 W. Claud Blankenship - Re-elected in 1917
1905 Wilburn S. Tinsley - Re-elected in 1909
1897 Moses L. Ragland - Re-elected in 1901
1894 David M. Hocker - In 1891, when the present constitution went into effect, officers were elected for a four year term. This change of terms resulted in a year's shortage in the therms of the officeres elected in 1894.
1890 Rowan Holbrook
1882 Thomas J. Smith
1870 Samuel K. Cox - Served until 1882
1859 R Seth Moseley - Served until 1870
1808 Charles Henderson - Served as Couty Court Clerk and Circuit Court Clerk for nearly half a century. In 1854, he brought into court a certificate qualifying him as Judge of Court of Appeals and also was elected Clerk Again.
1807 Samuel Rose - Appointed
1800 Samuel Eork - Resigned in 1807
1799 William Rowan (died before September 1800)