Emergency Management Agency

Ohio County Emergency Managment vehicle.Charles Shields, Director/SAR Coordinator
301 South Main Street
Hartford, KY 42347

(270) 298-4412 - Office
(270) 363-0861– Cell
(270) 298-4491 – Fax


EM Administrative Assistant

Savannah Vaughn

(270) 298-4412 - Office
(270) 298-4491 – Fax​

The Ohio County Emergency Management Agency is under the directorship of Charles Shields, who also serves as the Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.  Mr. Shields is also a volunteer fireman with the Beaver Dam Fire Dept.  Together with local law enforcement, EMS, and fire/rescue, Ohio County EM is prepared to promptly respond to any natural or manmade hazard that may affect the community.

Ohio County Emergency Management’s purpose is to organize data analysis, develop plans of action, manage local, state, and federal resources, and to respond to, coordinate, and aid in recovery from the effects of all hazards.  These hazards may be weather related, technological (such as power outages, chemical spills, or explosions), accidents involving hazardous materials, civil disorders, or criminal events (bombings and related incidents).  In order to provide the best possible level of support for the community, the Emergency Management members must work with all county government offices, law enforcement, medical services, fire/rescue, and community services workers.

The SAR Coordinator acts as an incident commander in the event of lost and/or missing persons.  He and his team act with state and local police agencies, fire/rescue, and EMS to gather information, plot search areas, organize search teams, direct communications, and gather resources to aid in searches.  A Mobile Command Unit is used as a search base when necessary and it is also used with any other Emergency Management situation.

By using The Ohio County Emergency Response Plan, developed specifically to fit the needs the community, Ohio County Emergency Management is able to serve its citizens efficiently and effectively when needed.  Through the utilization of available resources and competent organization of support services, Emergency Management will plan, prepare, and aid in recovery of Ohio County communities.